The Obsolete Man [EP]

by Killer Couture

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Some songs that likely won't make it on to any full albums. One new, one semi-new, and one very old. Enjoy!
-Seth Draven


released 06 April 2014



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Track Name: The Obsolete Man
We don't need you anymore!
We don't need you anymore!
Your system's rotten to the core!
Your system's rotten to the core!
Tear us apart and rip us off,
Divide and conquer, double-cross
Start a war that can't be lost
Start a war and kill us off
World war three, world war three!
It's coming soon, we all see!
Do it for cash! Do it for fun!
Make the bombs! Blot out the sun!
Leave us without food to eat
Then tell us that we're obsolete
They rape us and drug us to make us weak,
Gag our mouths so we'll never speak!
Apocalypse! Apocalypse!
After all we've done it's come to this!
Here it comes, I see it now!
A world where freedom isn't allowed!
(Please, please let me out, in the name of god let me out)
(You are obsolete)